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v4.3 Upgrade Guide

The following changes may be required for upgrading to v4.3.


Please note if you are using Loose Versioning and are on v4 you will receive this upgrade automatically.

Estimated Time to Upgrade: 0-2 hours

1 - "Awaiting Image" Placeholders

Lots and Listings in Webcast Prebidding and Timed auctions without any imagery will now show a placeholder.

This has the potential to conflict with any custom placeholder implementations, though is unlikely to affect most installations.

2 - List Layout View on Auctions

Users now have the ability to switch between the standard "Grid" layout and a new "List" layout within Webcast Prebidding and Timed auctions.

We recommend verifying that any existing style customisations you have made will continue to work as expected with this layout.