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You can configure BidJS to send tracking to your own Google Analytics account, as instructed in our Options document.



Available in v4.0+

With all tracking we also send two further bits of information.


We track the user's UUID (unique identifier) for any tracking events where the user is logged in. This is recorded under the userId analytics dimension.

BidJS Version

So that we're able to accurately measure what version clients and users are seeing, we also track the BidJS version being used. This is recorded under the dimension1 Custom Dimension.

To see this within your own analytics information you will need to create a Custom Dimension, and ensure it is at index 1.

As standard, we'll send any Page Navigation events to Google Analytics. Page navigation is when the main part of the URL changes.

Tracked Pages


  • Auction List
  • Auction Calendar
  • Auction Details
  • Item Details
  • Webcast (Live)
  • Marketplace
  • Archived Auctions


  • Login
  • Logout
  • Create Account
  • My Settings
  • Forgotten Password
  • Change Password
  • Account Activation


  • Search
  • My Bids
  • My Sales
  • Invoicing
  • Not Found

Available in v4.0+

Modals are also sent as page navigations

Auction Timed / Prebid

  • Auction Terms and Conditions
  • Autobid Confirm
  • Bid Confirm
  • Bid History
  • Buy Confirm
  • Contact Seller
  • Listing Image Gallery
  • Offer Confirm
  • Sale Information
  • Tender Confirm
  • Transfer Confirm

Auction Webcast

  • Collection Details
  • Payment Information
  • Removal Information
  • Contact Auction Information


  • Privacy
  • Terms and Conditions



Available in v4.0+

Certain Events are also tracked, which do not cause a page change, nor are they modal opens.

Google Analytics Events follow the format: (Category, Label, Action, Value).

All Events contain Category and Label, whilst some also contain Action, and a few contain Value (which must be a number).

The currently tracked Events are mapped below. If there is a particular Event that you believe should be tracked, please be sure to contact support with your feedback.

Category: Auction

Action / Label / Value

  • Filter Category / Auction Uuid
  • Filter Country / Auction Uuid
  • Filter Open / Auction Uuid
  • Filter Search / Auction Uuid
  • Filter Starred / Auction Uuid
  • Register / Auction Uuid
  • Toggle Video / isHidden
  • View Page / Auction Uuid / pageNumber

Category: Invoice

Action / Label

  • View / Invoice ID

Category: Listing

Action / Label / Value

  • AutoBid / Listing Uuid / amount
  • Bid / Listing Uuid / amount
  • Bid Confirm Opt Out / Listing Uuid
  • Browse Related / Listing Uuid
  • Buy / Listing Uuid
  • Contact Seller / Listing Uuid
  • Offer / Listing Uuid
  • Tender / Listing Uuid
  • Tender PCT / Listing Uuid
  • Transfer / Listing Uuid
  • Star / Listing Uuid

Action / Label

  • Search Input / Search term

Category: User


  • Login
  • Create Account
  • Logout
  • Login Failed